Article 1: Preamble

The present general terms of sale are applied in an exclusive way between the society EURL Elif Oguz, commercial brand ILOVEMYBIKINI, Paris - France (below to "We") and every person visiting or performing a purchase via the site (below to "You"). Every Internet user can acquaint himself with General terms of sale on the site (below the "Site"). These General terms of sale could be the subject of modifications; applicable conditions are those in force on the Site in the date of signing of your order.

Article 2: Contract

2.1 Conditions to perform an order : You declare to be at least 18 years old and to have the legal capacity or to be holder of a parental consent allowing you to perform an order on the Site.

2.2 Order : After your order is placed, We address an e-mail to You, confirming this one to You. We inform you about the dispatch of your articles.

Article 3: Price, availability and delivery

Prices shown on the Site are pointed out in euro including any French taxes (VAT French and other applicable taxes), except participation at the expense of shipping and packing presents charges. We can accept your orders within the limits of the available supplies. We inform You about the availability of articles sold on the Site on the page of information of every article.
If, in spite of our alertness, articles are unavailable, We will inform You about it by e-mail as soon as possible.
In case of permanent unavailability, and if We cannot give You an article of quality and of equivalent price, Your order will be automatically cancelled and the refund performed immediately.
In spite of all our efforts, it is possible that a few numbers among the hundreds of articles appearing on Our Site includes a price mistake. Be however assured that We carry on in the check on prices during the procedure of dispatch of your article. If corrected price is less than the price shown on the Site, We will apply You the lowest price and we will address You Your article. If corrected price is superior to the price shown on the Site, We will inform You about it and undertake the cancellation of your order unless You choose to accept the order at new price.

Article 4: Customs duties

Any order placed on the Site and delivered outside France could be subjected to possible taxes and customs duties which are imposed when the package reaches its destination. These possible customs duties and taxes linked to the delivery of an article are charged to you and are recovering from your responsibility. We are not required to prove and to inform You about customs duties and applicable taxes. To know them, We recommend You to enquire to the competent authorities of your country.

Article 5: Payment

You can perform the regulations only by direct credit card. Cards issued by domiciled banks out of France inevitably have to be international bank cards.

Article 6: Returns

Thank you to get acknowledged with our Return and exchanges section, applicable to the articles We sell.
Besides the possibility of benefiting from the delay of ten (5) days, in accordance with our Policy of returns, You have the right of retraction of seven (7) days envisaged by law to return the articles to Us without any justification of motive.
In case of delivery of an article, not correspondent to your order or harmed during the transport, thanks for consulting the Return and exchanges section.
If You decide to return one or several articles of Your order, You will have to return Us this product in 5 days according to date You informed us about your intention of returning us these articles (see Return and exchanges). In case of failure to respect Your obligation of returning articles in the same condition as you have accepted them or for the aforementioned delay of 5 days, We reserve the right to refuse to re-credit the bank card you used to pay Your order of the sum equivalent to the price (to which VAT is added) of the harmed product or that We did not receive.

Article 7: Ownership reservation clause

Delivered articles will remain our property up to their expedition during delivery to the conveyor, once You released price from it.

Article 8: Guarantees and responsibility

You benefit from dispositions of the legal guarantee of hidden vices. We decline any responsibility in the event if the delivered article would not respect the legislation of the delivery country other than France. We promise to bring all applied care in our profession for the implementation of the service given to the client. Nevertheless, our responsibility will not be able to be held in case of breach of our contractual obligations due to a fortuitous case or to a case of force majeure such as defined by the case law returned by French jurisdiction. Our responsibility will not be hired in case of not substantial differences between the photos of presentation of articles on our Site, texts and illustrations and the ordered articles, our responsibility will not be hired. We implement all means We have at our disposal to assure benefits objects of the present General terms of sale. We are responsible for any direct and foreseeable damage at the time of the use of the Site or for the conclusion of the contract of sale between Us and You. Under no circumstances We will incur responsibility for losses of benefits, commercial losses, losses of data or lack to be earned or quite other indirect damage or which was not foreseeable at the time of the use of the Site or of the conclusion of the contract of sale between Us and You.
Responsibility limitation aimed above is inapplicable in case of wilful misrepresentation or of gross misconduct of Our side, in case of personal injuries or of responsibility due to the faulty products, in case of ousting and in case of not compliance (including because of hidden vices).

Article 9: License of access to the Site

We grant You a license limited to access and to use of the Site for your personal use. Under no circumstances You are authorized to download or to change all or part of this Site without Our written and express permission. This license allows You under no circumstances to use, for sale or for quite other commercial use this Site or its contents (listed products, descriptions, price, downloading or copy of information as for another dealer, use of data, software, sound extracts, styles of drawing, pictures, texts, photographs, tools).

This Site or any part of this Site cannot be reproduced, copied, sold under no circumstances or exploited for commercial reasons without our express and written permission. You should not use techniques allowing to copy a mark, a logo or quite other information (notably pictures, text, models) which We are possessing without our express and written agreement. You should not use meta tags or quite other "hidden" text containing our name, our brand or that of societies of our group without our express and written agreement. Any forbidden use will put an end to the license We granted You.

We authorize you, in revocable and not exclusive title, to create an hypertext link pointing at the homepage of the Site, provided that this link could not create to us or contrary to the societies of our group, either in our products or services, a fallacious character, wrong, pejorative or able to cause us harm. Under no circumstances the creation of this hypertext link will be able to hire our responsibility, whatever the circumstances should be, on the contents of your site. Any use in your link of our logo, of our mark or our styles of drawing requires our express and written permission.

Article 10: Protection of personal data

We promise to protect the data, which are personal to You. All of Your personal data We gathered are treated with the most strict confidentiality, in accordance with the dispositions of our policy of protection of personal data. You can consult our section Confidentiality of data.

Article 11: Applicable Right and competent jurisdiction

The present general terms of sale are subjected to French law and to the Convention of Vienna on the contracts of international sale of goods. All disputations relating to the trade relations existing between You and Us are subjected to the not exclusive French competence of jurisdiction.

Article 12: Identification

Ilovemybikini is a commercial brand of EURL Elif Oguz. This Web site belongs and is managed by EURL Elif Oguz.

For the web site : EURL ELIF OGUZ, ILOVEMYBIKINI - 499 204 204 RCS PARIS FRANCE - EEC VAT Number: FR 39 499 204 204